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NEW Service

Jaguar Appraisals & Determinations is now poised to offer our client base Environmental Risk Management & Insurance Claims Support

EXCALIBURis an environmental engineering, remediation, and liability management firm specializing in environmental insurance claims support services since 1999.  Its seasoned professional staff include: experienced insurance claims specialists, environmental assessors, geologists, chemists, hydrogeologists, and engineers backed by cost estimators, remedial and compliance specialists, risk assessors, project managers, and environmental forensic experts.  Underwriters and claims handler clients regularly rely onEXCALIBUR’s extensive environmental experience, forensic analyses, engineering reviews and professional opinions.

Within its claims support service area, EXCALIBURspecializes in claim issues / resolution involving petroleum underground storage tanks (USTs).  Over the past 16 years, EXCALIBUR has provided scientific professional support services for over one thousand petroleum contamination claims for a reputable $300M state UST Fund bringing to bear on each and every claim the company’s first-hand experience in UST release investigations, engineering, and innovative remedial actions and compliance strategies.

To date, EXCALIBUR has saved insurance clients over $20M in unjustified or unsubstantiated environmental costs, and has never lost one case where their opinion and findings were formally challenged. Some of the more common reimbursement claim problems discovered by EXCALIBUR have included: ineligible claims based on forensic & other analyses, cleanups extending beyond what is necessary to meet more lenient risk-based clean-up standards; inappropriate field investigation approaches, analytical techniques and remedial technologies; improper blurring of reimbursable environmental activities with non-reimbursable activities (e.g., eligible soil remediation vs. ineligible site construction preparation for redevelopment); excessive environmental monitoring; overstated remedial and construction costs; and improper environmental project/unit costs.

Common Environmental Claims Facilities Served Typical Claim Support Services
  • Storage tanks (ASTs/ USTs)
  • Motor pools / garages
  • Landfills
  • Sign / paint shops
  • Chemical storage areas / warehouses
  • Schools & other buildings
  • Fire, police and ER facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Water / wastewater treatment plants
  • Golf / swimming / park facilities
  • Road maintenance facilities
  • Initial inspection of spill site / response actions
  • Claim eligibility environmental forensics
  • Cleanup approach necessity & appropriateness evaluation
  • Regulatory compliance assessment
  • Remediation cost estimation and claimed cost evaluation
  • Audit remedial program implementation / costs
  • Expert opinions
  • Litigation support

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