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Welcome to Jaguar Appraisals & Determinations, Inc.

Celebrating 18 years of service

    • Crash Data Retrieval

      We handle all types of accident investigations and offer crash data retrieval.

    • Electrical Engineering

      We investigate electrical fires, electrical shock and electrocutions.

    • Structural Engineering

      Licensed Professional Engineers are ready to handle your claim. Allow our experience and credentials to work for you.  Call or email JAD Inc. today.

    • Fires

      Handling all types of fires to determine causation for possible subrogation.

Jaguar Appraisals & Determinations, Inc. is an engineering consulting firm that provides an array of technical services to the claims industry and legal firms.

With an experienced staff covering a wide spectrum of professional disciplines, JAD, Inc. performs competent and concise inspections and determinations to effectively meet our clients’ needs. Our greatest value to our clients does not lie in any one specific service. Instead, the value lies in our collective wealth of diversified professional technical consultants. We are confident that given an opportunity, you will come to realize JAGUAR APPRAISALS & DETERMINATIONS, INC. is extremely capable of serving the needs of your legal firm or claims department. Jaguar Appraisals & Determinations covers the tri-state area with strategically placed consultants to minimize cost.

“I have used JAD, Inc. on many occasions and have always found their services to be exemplary. They provide highly qualified experts with specialized services for whatever the need may be. They are prompt to respond, quick to report and provide excellent expert services at a reasonable fee. I have used these services for many years and feel confident that whatever the need, JAD, Inc can fulfill it.” James Zeigler Branch Claims Manager EMC Insurance Co.

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